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Akira Sudou~

Im an Akira Sudou fan, but then...there so much i want to know about her, yet the intarweb seems so cruel...only a small info was known about her..

Is anyone here an Akita Sudou fan too?
I was looking for the lyrics of all of her songs in the album "No Obligation: Sekiria" Hope someone can provide me with the lyrics of the following:

    1. Give and Take
    2. Another Face
    3. Jealousy
    4. Anata no Umi
    5. Make a motion
    6. Anytime need a Friend

I have all of her album, but then, all are related to BubblegumCrisis 2040 (as for those who didn't know, Akira Sudou is the singer-vocal of Priss Asagiri in the series) namely:

a. Akira Sudou as Sekiria
 b. Complete File 1999
c. No Obligation: Sekiria

I was looking for her other albums and singles, namely:
a. My Self
b. Night and Day
c. Pandora
d. just take my heart
e. the face of love
f. united states of mind

I hope someone could help, please? please?>>>>
thanks so much!

err...just email me at kawaii_aya2002@yahoo.com
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