A. Caldwell (mandois4lovers) wrote in japanesepop,
A. Caldwell

Greetings From Love Shine!!!

Hello, I am the mod for love_shine_mp3 Just want to welcome to the community and to enjoy the newest music uploaded:

Within Temptation- Running Up That Hill
VengaBoys- We Like To Party!
Hikaru Utada ft. Yamada Masashi- One Night Magic
Two-Mix - White Sailing
TRF- Teens
Koda Kumi ft. Peabo Bryso- A Whole New World
Angela Aki- Kiss From A Rose
Eun Ji Won- Harpy
Fiona Apple- Nothing Can Change My World
Jessica Simpson- I Belong To Me
Jessica Simpson- Let Him Fly
Jill Vidal- Get Out
Kawabe Chieco- Sakura Kiss
Maki Goto- Gocha Maze Love
Puffy- Basket Case
Tongari Kids- B-Dash!
Mini Moni- Crazy About You

So please come and check it out @ love_shine_mp3 All songs include, Artist name, song title, genre, language, comments, and YSI link! NO comments neccesary thanks!
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